Early Republican Union Flag

Flag representing the union of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

The Republican Union, abbreviated R.U., and sometimes known as the Republican Union of America, was a North American nation founded in OTL's New England. 

The R.U. was founded in 1801 after the collapse of the United States of America, and consisted of the former northern states of the USA, the south having secdeded. By 1805, the nation's governemnt, a consulate based on the French revoulutionary and Ancient Roman systems of government was fully established. 

At first the nation was a stable democracy. In 1812, the RU joined the War of 1812 in an effort to invade and annex Canada. The plan failed miserbaly, and the RU blamed the Southron nations and the French Empire for throwing them under the bus. 

Throughout the 19th century, the RU would evolve into a fascist dictatorship, eventually being transformed into the New United States of America. 

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