Willard Crawford

Willard Crawford

Willard Crawford (Augsut 14, 1747-December 28, 1809) was, along with Aaron Burr II, one of the first founders of the Republican Union. 

Born in 1747 in New York City, Crawford was a tennegar during the years that lead up to the American Revoulution. During his ealry 20's he followed in his fathers footsteps and became a moderatley succesfull merchant in New York City. In 1776, after the signing of the Declaration of Indepedance, the 29 year old Crawford joined the American Army. While still a patriot, he reutnred to his business affairs after the war ended in 1781. Crawford latter went into politics during the mid-1790's. 

Crawford became the Adams presedancy in the wake of the Franco-American War and led a local militia against the President Mansion in New York City. After the fall of New York on June 16, 1801, Crawford precceded over the treason trails.

Crawford was one of the key architects of the new govenrment of the remants of the United States, which reformed itslef into the Republican Union. He set up the Consulate as way to aviod the excess of power under the Adams administration. Unknowingly, the government he put in place would lead to further problems, as the Cheif Consuls proved nearly powerless agains the cooperate domination of Colonel Goodyear Enterprises, and the racism and revanchism which would haunt the Union for generations. Without a secure governemnt, the R.U. fell to fascism in due time. Crawford never lived to see any of this come to pass, or the Unions humilation in the War of 1812 for that matter. He died of pneumonia on December 28, 1809, at the age of 62. 

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